Wednesday, May 2, 2012

You Are Cordially Invited...

To Luciana Diamente’s 4th Annual Dungeon Party.

Artwork by MC Blackman

"It was an extravagant, catered, costumed affair held each year in Luciana’s private dungeon. The decor was stunning, the attire outrageous, and the crab rangoon to die for." 
-- Jayk Parker, Wacky Wednesday

Luciana Diamente, Dom extraordinaire, hosts a gala in her private basement dungeon each year. It’s pretty ballin’.

This year’s theme: Debasement in the Basement.

What to bring: Your hot-ass self, preferably in a body harness. Your interpretive dance skills.

What to expect: Crab rangoon. Always. And the unexpected.

The big draw: Paingasm’s performing! Bring your violet wands to wave. And who’s the special guest? Six-Inch Clitoris.

What else can you do and see?
  • Pin-the-Etiquette-Sheet-on-the-Dungeon-Monitor
  • The Human Rodeo: They’re yee-hawt!
  • Costume contest
  • A flogging demo by the stars of Wacky Wednesday, A-monster and the Brattastic Jayk Parker.
  • Gawk away at Luciana’s human chandelier.

Why am I telling you this? The flyer says it all.

Stay tuned for more hump day wackiness every Wednesday this month. Jayk and Amon will be guest blogging for me, and under-appreciated feline Allen Ginspurr will roam the blog offering relationship advice and complaining bitterly about his limited page time in Wacky Wednesday.

Wacky Wednesday is available May 22 from Loose Id.

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