Friday, June 8, 2012

And the Award for Infinite Patience Goes To...

Jesse and Simeck, stars of my upcoming novel, Calling the Show.They got their contract a while back, but I asked if they’d mind being brutally ignored on this blog until after Wacky Wednesday had been released.

“All right,” they said. “You suck. But all right.”

Calling the Show is part of Loose Id’s July Pick Your Pleasure series, and it will be released July 17th.

It’s a book that’s very close to my heart, because the plot combines three of my favorite things: Theater, BDSM, and…hula hooping.

They go together like two horses and a carriage.


The story goes a little something like this:

Senior stage manager Jesse Ferelit and sophomore light board operator Simon Whedon meet while crewing a college theater production. Jesse hates everything about Sim, from his lack of theater experience, to his obsession with LGBTQ politics, to his infatuation with, of all things, Hula hoops. Well, he doesn't hate everything. He doesn't mind Sim's eyes, or hair, or his surprising ability to be cool in a crisis. But Jesse is graduating in just a few months, and if there's one thing he does not have time for, it's a relationship. 

Sim knows exactly what he likes: civil rights, the circus, and sex. And he knows what he likes about Jesse. In the control booth, Jesse is exactly Sim's type—a natural leader, collected and confident. But outside the booth, he seems reclusive, acerbic and uptight—hardly Sim's type at all. Is a relationship with Jesse a real possibility, just a fantasy, or a hopelessly lost cause? 

When Sim offers to teach Jesse how to hula hoop as a way to relax and loosen up, the lessons ease the two men into an unexpected shared world of sex, kink, friendship, and eventually love.

Mmm….enemies to lovers. This was my first venture into that territory, and it was fun.

A little about the unholy trinity in this book.

Theater: Live theater, to me, is pure magic, and perhaps human society’s greatest gift to shy people. On stage, I can say and do the things I’d never dare in real life. Writing works that way for me too—I can live vicariously through my characters—but in theater, I actually physically get to sword fight and yell at people and wear awesome costumes. Building Calling the Show’s world was such a treat, because I got to merge my two greatest loves.

Jesse is a stage manager, which means he’s in charge of scheduling, communication, and keeping track of, well, everything, during the rehearsal process. Once a show is in performance, he calls it—meaning he sits in the control booth and feeds the light and sound board operators their cues. I stage managed a children’s theater production once when I was eighteen. The experience was so terrifying I’ve blocked most of it from memory. I don’t envy stage managers one bit, but I do admire them incredibly.

With my own experience still too raw a wound to probe, I have to thank stage manager K.B. for letting me ask her a few billion questions and sit in on a stage management class she teaches. A lot of what I learned from K.B. went into Calling the Show. And it was some of the most fun research I’ve ever done as a writer. Much better than Googling stuff.

Hula Hooping: Like Jesse, I thought the idea of learning to hoop was silly when it was presented to me last year. A bunch of my friends were teaching themselves, and I scoffed, thinking they were, you know, eight. But once I gave it a go, I found that it really is amazing stress relief, and requires a good deal of athleticism, grace, and balance—things I want more of. I've been doing it ever since. Though I'm still not particularly good. Sim is the kick-ass hooper I wish I was.

And since working on Calling the Show was, at times, quite stressful, it was awesome to be able to get up, go out into my yard with my hoops, and do some active research.

BDSM: This book is BDSM lite—the characters are ages 20 and 22; they don’t know anything about the actual lifestyle per say. They just know they like a little spanking and bondage with their sex. Eventually they recognize that they may want to delve a little further into the lifestyle at some point. Quite fun to have both characters getting their first taste of kink. I’ve written experienced partner/uninitiated partner, but never two clueless college students armed with wooden rulers and electrical tape.

Okay, not clueless. But pretty close.

So that’s Calling the Show in a nutshell. There’s also a rat named Craybill, a kinky competition to determine who really “calls the show” in Jesse and Sim's relationship, and a terrifying trio of dance majors working to recover a stolen photo of Martha Graham.

I’ll be posting more updates throughout the month.

Jesse and Sim, thank you for your patience.

Quick Wacky Wednesday P.S. - WW is now available on Amazon and ARe. Links on the left sidebar. New review from Jessewave, too.


  1. I adored Wacky Wednesday and can't wait for this book too. You writing brings me nothing but pleasure. Thank you

    1. Josie, thank you so much. It means a lot to hear that. I hope you enjoy this one!