Thursday, July 12, 2012

Coming Up

All right! Back from an excellent trip out west. I hula hooped in Flagstaff, hiked partway into the Grand Canyon then remembered I had to hike back up, and saw the London Bridge in Havasu (it looks…like a bridge). I popped down to a dental clinic in Mexico to get two cavities filled for everyday low prices, gambled at the Quechan casino in Yuma -- making out with $0.02 -- and visited the Air and Space Museum in Tuscon. There were at least two instances of VGT (Vegan Guilt Tipping) -- where you ask a restaurant with no vegan items on the menu to leave the meat and dairy off of something and they act so surprised/unsure/irritated that you feel horrible and leave a huge tip when you're given some broccoli on bread or, like, a plate of butterless corn. But once we got to Tuscon, there was an awesome 100% vegan restaurant called Lovin’ Spoonfuls. If you are ever in Tuscon, I can’t recommend it enough. Still dreaming about the coconut pie.

I’d like to share my favorite picture from the trip. This is at the Grand Canyon.

These people know rules are made to be broken.

With less than a week to go before the release of Calling the Show, here’s a tentative schedule of guest blogs, giveaways, and other stuff happening this month:

7/17: Guest Blog at Kinky Book Reviews
7/19: Guest Blog and Giveaway at Tara Lain’s Blog
7/23: Guest Blog and Giveaway at Joyfully Jay
7/26: Release Party with Giveaway at The Romance Studio
TBA: Guest Blog at Long and Short Reviews
TBA: Interview at Lisa Henry’s Blog

Stop by this weekend for some badass Hula Hooping videos!

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