Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hula Hoopers Who Make Me Feel Inadequate

The lovely Lisa Henry, author of one of my favorite erotic romances, The Island, has interviewed me on her blog today. We talk wheelie chairs, weird sex toy laws, and how my characters and I would fare on a desert island. Check it out here.

As promised, here are a few Hula-hooping videos I used for inspiration while writing Calling the Show. Hope you enjoy!

This guy. Seriously, how?

In CtS, Jesse and Sim watch a video based on this one. How does he not hit the furniture (or the dog)?

Tandem hooping was what finally made me sure I could do an erotic novel about Hula hooping.

This is about the level Sim's at in CtS. He's not quite the James Bond guy from the first video. He's more this girl.

This child makes me feel worthless as a hooper.

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