Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Meet the Girls of A Kind of Magic

Sometimes I don't know what to blog about. I tell myself I could blog about what I'm currently writing, then I laugh heartily and dismiss the idea.

If I blog about my WIPs, I might treat them as though they're real books that are actually going to happen, which will immediately make me want to stop working on them.

I work on a lot of things at once in order to head off the THIS IS AWFUL freakouts. When I freak out about one project, I just work on something different for a while.

But I feel far enough along in my first F/F book, A Kind of Magic, to talk about it a li'l.

The story centers around Jemma, a 26 year old grad student and part time magician who performs weekends at a local BDSM club. Her magic show includes things like making butt plugs disappear, getting out of handcuffs without a key, and turning a flogger into flowers. Her assistant is her Domme Tara, who's happy to let Jem take control onstage, as long as she's the one in charge in the bedroom.

Trouble is, lately Jem's been wondering what it would be like to explore her Domme side. But Tara's no switch, and getting to dom her Domme is seeming more and more like a hopeless fantasy for Jem. Until Jemma jokingly attempts to hypnotize Tara onstage--and it works. Suddenly Jemma's got a willing sub at her beck and call and has to figure out how to undo the damage--unless they can both agree it's not really damage...

A Kind of Magic was part of the original trilogy of ideas I had when I first started to think seriously about trying to write erotic romance. The other two were By His Rules and Wacky Wednesday. So it'd be cool to see all three of those plot bunnies turned into real live...whatever plot bunnies become. Books? Or this?

So if I don't freak out and stop working on it, I'll be polishing this one up soon and looking for a home for these girls!


  1. This sounds like so much fun. So hurry up and finish it, because I need to read some good F/F stuff...and a magician is just a bonus!

  2. I hope I didn't jinx myself by talking about it. I'll just keep reminding myself that there's a magician involved, so I have to finish it. That makes sense in my head.

  3. Let's just talk about how happy this makes me.

    SO HAPPY. SO HAPPY on so many levels. YAY!! <3

  4. Yay!! It will make me happy too...when it's finished. Which it will be. Soon. I swear.