Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Case of the Writer Giddies

The Writer Giddies: a feeling of inordinate elation that comes from living a life of isolation, disconnect from reality, violent oscillations between manic self-importance and crippling insecurity, and insufficient physical exercise. Their converse, the Writer Soul Crushies, involve a feeling of inordinate depression stemming from exactly the same thing.

Sometimes it's hard, as an author, to know how to present myself. Because I feel like I should be, you know, professional. But I’m so...not. It’s like trying to dress a wolf spider in a little top hat and cane to make it cute—wolf spider ain't meant to be cute. But I do think it’s important to be professional. Sometimes. And I think I’ve always been a bit inhibited by a feeling that expressing open glee over something I’ve written is somehow unbecoming. 

But the thing is, what I do is so. Fun. Seriously, I get to wake up each day and go into other worlds and create people and watch them grow and make choices and fall in love and hurt each other and get it AWWWN. And sometimes—okay, often—I get real giddy about that. And I don’t get giddy about many things in life. My “this is fun” face is very similar to my “I hate everyone” face.

I'm more of a K-Stew.
Anyway, I can't hold it in anymore. I’ve got a major case of the writer giddies about The Brat-tastic Jayk Parker, sequel to Wacky Wednesday. I wrote a bunch of this book standing up. That was partly because of a sciatic nerve thing, but mostly because I was so excited that I didn’t want to sit. I love writing Jayk and Amon, and I love indulging my P.G. Wodehouse infatuation by piling disasters on them and watching them make the most facepalm choices possible in their efforts to put things right. Writing is very rarely easy for me. Mostly it’s a lot of agonizing and panicking and wanting to throw my laptop across the room and then reminding myself I can't afford a new one. But this book was a pleasure to work on from start to finish.

So this post is just me saying that I am pumped to get to share this story in June. Not because it’s perfect. Not because it will blow your minds or alter the face of literature forever. But because it was such a joy to write, and I hope some of that carries into the reading experience. If even one person has as much fun reading it as I had writing it…good enough for me.

Happy Valentine's Day.

P.S. - Know what else I'm giddy about? The Good Boy, the book I wrote with Lisa Henry. It comes out March 26th. There's a blurb up on the page now.

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