Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gorgeous Photos, and I Joined Facebook

I have some photos to share today. Also, did you see the step I took into the 21st century? Under my Find Me On section to the left is a link to my Facebook page. So far I haven't done much except post updates about what I'm writing. But feel free to friend me, post on my timeline (is that the same thing as my wall? It used to be called a wall, right?) shoot me a message, etc. I'm also part of a new yahoo group, mmbdsm, which you should check out.

Most of these photos are of naked men, but first: It's Profesor Anne's birthday! She's three today. It rained all afternoon, but we still made it to the dog park, where she frolicked with her friend Sid, who hates playing but shares her love of eating plants.

Where my presents at?
Now, the naked men (weird transition? Sorry). These were sent to me by friends. Why my friends think I'm interested in pictures like these, I have no idea. Good friends. Gonna keep 'em around.

I'd do yoga if he was in my class.

These gents inspired a scene in Calling the Show.

I know I've had him on here before, but he's just so good at wearing nipple clamps.

 So that's my week.

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