Thursday, March 28, 2013

Giveaway at Tara Lain's

Today the gloves come off on Tara Lain's blog as Lisa Henry and I fight--maybe not quite to the death because we still need to finish our new book, but close--about which one of us speaks real English. Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of The Good Boy (which just made the All Romance ebooks Bestseller list!)

And there's still a giveaway going on at Kay Berrisford's blog too!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Interview and Giveaway at Kay Berrisford's

Lisa Henry and I are over at Kay Berrisford's today for an interview and giveaway. Just head over and leave a comment for your chance to win a copy of The Good Boy. The contest runs through April 2.

Up tomorrow...another giveaway at Tara Lain's!

Oh, and it looks like a June 4th release date for The Brat-tastic Jayk Parker. Woot!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What's Up with the Puppy Play in The Good Boy?

Lisa Henry and I are over at Joyfully Jay today to celebrate the release of The Good Boy by talking about puppy play. There's some very mild, sweet puppy play in TGB, and Lisa and I are discussing the kink and swapping RL dog stories. Also, there may or may not be a very risque photo of Professor Anne.

As of right now, The Good Boy is available at Loose Id and ARe. I'll update as it becomes available through other distributors overt he next couple of days.

Some early reviews and an excerpt are now available on the TGB page.

Join us tomorrow at one of my favorite places: Kay Berrisford's blog! Kay interviews us, and it devolves quickly into shenanigans. But you might just get a sneak peek at Lisa's and my new project, Under.

And while you're there, you can learn more about Kay's upcoming release, Lord of the Forest.

The complete list of where we've been and where we'll be:

Jessewave: The Stages of a (Writing) Relationship (March 22)
Joyfully Jay: Let's Talk Puppy Play (March 26)
Kay Berrisford: Interview and Giveaway (March 27)
Tara Lain: Aussie vs. American English: The Gloves Come Off Giveaway (March 28)
The Armchair Reader: We have plenty of time to figure this one out (April 1).

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Good Boy - Meet Ferg

I am pleased today to introduce you to Ferg, of Brin and Ferg--or Frin, as Lisa Henry and I call them. I wanted to go with Brerg, but Lisa said that sounded like a sound a frog makes, which is why I wanted to use it. Seriously, touch your chin to your throat, puff up your chest, and say, "Brerg." You're having fun, right?

Ferg is Derek's best friend. He's also a Dom, albeit more interested than domestic discipline than any kind of hard play. Brin, his sub, is Derek's ex. It's not weird or anything. Well, maybe once in a while, a teeny bit. But really they all get along well.

When Lane comes into Derek's life and has trouble speaking up about his needs, Ferg and Brin become a valuable source of information and support. Brin provides enthusiastic brat advice, but Ferg's a little older and wiser, and actually helps Lane to start thinking about how to ask Derek for what he wants.

In this excerpt, Lane has gone over to Frin's to talk to Brin, but ends up in a conversation with Ferg about D/s.

“I don’t know what would work well,” Lane said, surprised by his own honesty. “I used to think I wanted all of it. I mean, like, I fantasized about—playing hard, I guess. But it’s not—I didn’t—I tried it, and it’s not so good, and I don’t know what’s wrong with me that I still think about it.”

It was easy to trust Ferg, easy to talk to him. Ferg had nearly the same strength and warmth Lane sensed in Derek. And yet, how did you explain what he did to Brin?

“Nothing’s wrong with you. Maybe you played a little too hard too soon.”

I didn’t play. It wasn’t a game.

“You and Brin don’t play,” Lane said.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s not a game. You spank him for real.”

“I do. It’s a relationship that works for both of us.”

“Do you like when Brin throws tantrums?”

“Occasionally I find them creative and endearing,” Ferg said. “But for the most part, no. His tantrums are immature, and they piss me off.”

Lane’s stomach clenched again. “And when that happens, you spank him?”

“Actually, no. When that happens, I walk away or put him in the corner until I’m not pissed anymore. Then I spank him.”

Lane furrowed his brow. “What’s the point, then? If you’re not mad anymore?”

“The point is that a spanking is meant to correct his behavior—it’s not an excuse for me to take my anger out on him.”

“It’s just coincidence that your stress ulcer has improved significantly over the last year,” Brin called.

“Why are you listening to my conversation?” Ferg called back.

“Because it’s more interesting than figuring out where to shelve your Gas-Eez Extra strength chewable tablets now in new wild berry flavor. Can I be part of the conversation?”

“Yes,” Lane said. He gave Ferg an apologetic grin. “If that’s okay.”

“Listen to him! He’s such a nauseatingly good subbie boy.” Brin bounded into the room, perched on the chair arm, and slid back into Ferg’s lap. “We decided Fergus’s mood has to fall somewhere between amused exasperation and trifling annoyance on the Scale of Fury in order for him to punish me.”

“And you don’t, um—” Lane glanced at Ferg. “You don’t hit him too hard?”

“Oh, he hits plenty hard,” Brin said.

“But not, like—not—”

Ferg was watching him calmly, waiting for him to finish.

“Not so there’s blood. Right?”

Ferg and Brin exchanged glances.

“Honey,” Brin said. “If Ferg ever spanked me hard enough to produce carnage, I’d run him through with his own chef’s knife.”

“Lane,” Ferg said. Lane looked at him. “I don’t use canes, or whips, or crops, or belts for discipline. Sometimes a paddle. That’s it. Other couples do it differently. Serious bruising or blood—I don’t think that’s discipline.”

“It’s torture,” Brin said.

“No,” Ferg corrected. “That kind of play has its place. Derek’s good with canes and whips. Knows how to use them safely.”

Lane shivered. He didn’t want canes or whips. Ever.

But he wanted to hurt.

“Talk to Derek,” Ferg said again. “Figure out what you both want.”

Now head on over to Lisa Henry's to hear more from Brin, the ever fashionable, paddle-loving brat who simply can't control his bedazzler.

And guess what? Brin is starring in his very own companion story, The Naughty Boy, available for free on the Loose Id website on April 30th. Ferg will be in there too. After all, they're inseperable. They're Frin.


Oh, and The Good Boy is out March 26th!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lisa Henry and I (Think We Sort of) Know Where We're Blog Touring!

Lisa Henry and I, masters of organization that we are, believe that we maybe now sort of officially hope we know where we're going to be promoting The Good Boy over the next week or so. We hope you will join us for a great deal of silliness and giveaways. Ready?

March 22 - Reviews by Jessewave, talking about how co-writing was like hooking up, but without the morning after regret.
March 26 - Release Day! We'll be at Joyfully Jay talking puppy play and doing a giveaway.
March 27 - Kay Berrisford is interviewing us! I'm sure we'll say inappropriate things.
March 28-29 - Tara Lain. We're debating Aussie vs. American English and doing a giveaway.
April 1 - The Armchair Reader. Lisa's in charge of that one, so I'm not gonna worry about it.

Want more info on The Good Boy? Visit the page, or scroll down to read excerpts.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Good Boy - Meet Acton Wagner

Today Lisa Henry and I are introducing you to The Good Boy's villains. "Villains" always sounds so harsh--or so superhero-y. I prefer the term "really fucked up people who make some incredibly bad choices." We've got a few of those in this book.

Acton Wagner is a creep of the highest order. A (former) longtime friend of the Moredock family, he's Belleview's premier real estate agent and a millionaire who lost all his money in the Moredock scandal. And he's had his eye on Lane Moredock since Lane was...way too young. Yet from Lane's perspective, Acton is the only adult who's ever really noticed or been kind to him. And he's certainly the only one who offers to help Lane after the scandal breaks.

Unfortunately, Acton's definition of "help" turns out to be completely twisted. In this excerpt, Lane has gone to a party Acton's throwing, hoping to get some guidance from Acton. Acton takes Lane up to his study and offers him a drink or three.

Acton was smiling again. “You’re a good kid,” he said.  

Lane mirrored the smile, genuinely hopeful for the first time in weeks. He raised the glass to his lips and swallowed. The scotch went down easier this time. It spread through him, warm, and made his skin tingle. It loosened his tongue as well.

“What happened to your painting?” Lane asked.

Acton had always had a Stuart Davis hanging in his study—a modernist piece in shades of blue and steel. A cityscape.

“I got rid of it,” Acton said. He stared at the spot on the wall where the painting had hung. He waved his hand dismissively. “To alleviate a temporary cash-flow problem.”

Guilt pooled in Lane’s stomach. He couldn’t bring himself to ask the reason. 

“I can’t pay my tuition for next semester,” Lane said suddenly, wondering if it would help Acton to know he was hurting too. “Or my motel bill for now. Or anything. Shit, look at my shoes!”

Lane wasn’t sure what reaction he’d been expecting to his litany of misery, but it wasn’t laughter. He gave himself a moment to see if he felt outraged. No. And it was kind of funny, sitting here in Acton’s office in his rumpled clothes and the shoes he got from the thrift store. Lane would bet everything he had—which was what, six dollars and seventy-five cents?—that the last guy who sat with Acton in his study drinking scotch wouldn’t be able to find a thrift store with a map.

His lips twitched. It was funny. The rumors about the offshore accounts. The media making this shit up when Lane wasn’t even sure what an offshore account was.

“Another drink?”

Lane looked at his glass. He hadn’t even realized he’d finished. He nodded and held the glass out.

“Sorry, if, um—if you’re—if it’s because of my parents. The painting.” He took the glass Acton handed him and knocked back a huge swallow. It sounded strange to apologize for something he couldn’t help, but Lane often felt the need to apologize for anything that went wrong, whether he’d caused it or not. And he wanted Acton to know he was sorry.

Acton chuckled. “Take it easy.” He nodded at Lane’s suddenly empty glass. “I forget you’re not even old enough to drink.”

Lane echoed Acton’s laugh and handed the glass back to Acton. “I’ll have another, if you don’t mind.” He was surprised by how clearly the words came out. He sounded, not like his usual mumbling self, but like someone who knew what he was entitled to. He sounded like his father.

“Do you drink at school?”

The way Acton asked the question sent a shiver through Lane. Like Acton knew everything he got up to in Boston. Like Lane was in trouble.

He didn’t want to tell Acton how often he’d had fantasies like that as a teenager. Fantasies where he stood in front of Acton while Acton lectured him. Where Acton told him he’d broken the rules and would have to be—

Lane stopped himself. Something was seriously wrong with him. He’d known it for years. It was just that his parents had never seemed to care one way or the other what Lane did. But Acton noticed. And the idea of having someone notice every move he made, someone who would call him out if he did something wrong, was incredibly…hot? Definitely something the matter with him.

Lane shook his head. “No, sir.” 

And now you can go over to Lisa Henry's blog and meet the Moredocks! The Good Boy is out March 26th from Loose Id.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Good Boy - Derek

In honor of The Good Boy’s release, just a couple of weeks away, Lisa Henry and I are going to be introducing you to some of the characters, starting with our MCs. So, without further ado, meet Derek!

Derek’s a 37-year-old Dom looking for love and submission without much success. His mother’s totally supportive of his BDSM lifestyle—though she wonders what she did or didn't do to cause her son to like hitting people: should she have breastfed?—and his best friends Brin and Ferg are disgustingly happy together. He lives in Bellview, a wealthy New England town recently rocked by a scandal. Laura Moredock, a Wallstreet bigwig, was arrested for running a Ponzi scheme that left a lot of Bellview residents hurting—including Derek, who invested the entire nest egg for his photography studio with Moredock Investments.

Derek’s got a lot of built up resentment for the Moredocks, especially the party-boy son, Landon, who's a suspect in the SEC's investigation. But there’s a lot Derek doesn’t know about Landon, and what Landon himself lost when his mother was arrested. In this excerpt, Derek encounters Landon working at Taco Hub, a shitty burrito joint. He wants to have a how-mighty-are-the-fallen moment of triumph, but something about Landon changes his mind.

“No,” Brin said, still straining to see Landon. “Nope. That’s not Landon Moredock. That’s some high school dropout with pimples on his ass. Look at his shoes.” He turned back to his burrito. “Landon Moredock would never look so appallingly grease-greasy-greaserton.”

“It’s Taco Hub,” Ferg said. “Everything’s greasy.”

“Seriously. Why do you bring me here? We’re breaking up.”

“That’s definitely Landon,” Derek said. “I can’t believe he actually did it.”

“Did what?” Ferg asked.

“I saw him the other day downtown, looking for work. I told him this place was hiring.” He glanced at the poster in the window, which showed a group of racially diverse people in green-and-yellow uniforms under the headline: NOW HIRING. DO YOU “HUB” WHAT IT TAKES?

“Well, that was sweet of you,” Brin said. “He loses you fifteen thousand dollars, and you point him toward one of these mysterious ‘jobs’ he’s only heard tell of in legend. And Mr. Morecock certainly seems to hub what it takes. He blends right in.”

Brin shifted to grab one of Ferg’s chips and accidentally knocked his water over. He squealed as it dripped off the table and onto the booth seat, soaking his Vera Bradley bag.

Ferg sighed and righted the cup. “How about you ask, and I’ll hand you some chips?”

“How about you move your lug butt so I can take Vera to the bathroom and run her under the dryer?”

Landon walked by with a water pitcher.

“Hey,” Brin called.

Landon turned, face blank.

Brin nodded at his cup. “Would you mind refilling my water? It seems to have mysteriously vanished.”

Derek tensed as Landon approached the table. He felt strange—still guilty about what he’d said to Landon the other day. Still embarrassed he’d even considered sending that photo to Kim. He glanced at Landon’s uniform. The yellow nametag read “Lane,” not “Landon.”

Derek had never thought of him as anyone but Landon Moredock—a name from the newspapers. But here was a kid who looked tired, whose hair stuck up in the back, who liked dogs. Who went by Lane.

“You don’t know where it went, do you?” Brin asked Lane. “My water?”

“Brin,” Ferg warned.

“I’m just asking.”


Lane refilled Brin’s cup. Derek saw that his hand shook. He filled it too full, and a little water ran down the side of the cup and onto the table.

“When,” Brin said loudly.

Lane started, righting the pitcher. He looked unfocused. Derek could see how tight his shoulders were, how shallow his breathing. And then Derek noticed something else. Bruising, on both wrists.

What the hell?

“Sorry, I forget you’ve probably never done this before,” Brin said, pulling his water close to him. “You want to stop when the cup is full, just like the butler used to do.”

“Brin!” Ferg snapped.

Lane hurried back to the counter.

“What’s up his ass?” Brin asked. “Maybe nothing, now that his sugar daddy’s gone. Or does he have others? An endless parade of father figures who buy him pretty things and spank him when he’s naughty?”

“You are this close,” Ferg said.

“To paradise?” Brin kissed Ferg’s cheek. “I know.”

“To a paddling. You leave that boy alone.”

Derek continued to watch Lane as he walked across the seating area with his pitcher clutched to him like a shield and filled the cups at another table. He dropped a couple of straws on the floor and bent to pick them up. He moved slowly, stiffly.

Hurt, Derek thought. He’s definitely hurt.

Something protective surfaced in him. Yeah, it was Landon Moredock, someone Derek had fantasized about hurting on more than one occasion. But there was nothing satisfying about seeing him look so tired, tense, and unwell.

Or about seeing him in a Taco Hub apron.

Well, maybe there was something satisfying about that. You can work for your money just like the rest of us, Landon.


The feeling wore thin quickly.

And now, if you head over to Lisa Henry's blog, you can meet Lane. The Good Boy is Out March 26th from Loose Id.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Paws with a Cause Giveaway

Lisa Henry and I are over at Tara Lain's blog today talking rescue pets and The Good Boy for the Paws with a Cause blog hop. Over the last week, lots of great authors have contributed posts and giveaways, so if you head over to Tara's you can check out their pet stories and prizes as well. And you can donate to Paws with a Cause!

Lisa and I are giving away a copy of The Island and a choice of my backlist. You get to meet Lisa's cats and my cross eyed chihuahua and the gorgeous stray who inspired Andy in The Good Boy.

The giveaways for this event are all running until Monday, which means a Big Weekend Free Book Bash! 9 authors, 9 prizes, and a chance to win from midnight March 8th through midnight March 10th. Don't miss it!

Real Life Andy

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Good Boy Cover Art

Ermahgerd, cover art!! Fiona Jayde did the cover for Lisa Henry's and my novel The Good Boy, coming March 26th. Gorgeous, no?