Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Good Boy - Meet Ferg

I am pleased today to introduce you to Ferg, of Brin and Ferg--or Frin, as Lisa Henry and I call them. I wanted to go with Brerg, but Lisa said that sounded like a sound a frog makes, which is why I wanted to use it. Seriously, touch your chin to your throat, puff up your chest, and say, "Brerg." You're having fun, right?

Ferg is Derek's best friend. He's also a Dom, albeit more interested than domestic discipline than any kind of hard play. Brin, his sub, is Derek's ex. It's not weird or anything. Well, maybe once in a while, a teeny bit. But really they all get along well.

When Lane comes into Derek's life and has trouble speaking up about his needs, Ferg and Brin become a valuable source of information and support. Brin provides enthusiastic brat advice, but Ferg's a little older and wiser, and actually helps Lane to start thinking about how to ask Derek for what he wants.

In this excerpt, Lane has gone over to Frin's to talk to Brin, but ends up in a conversation with Ferg about D/s.

“I don’t know what would work well,” Lane said, surprised by his own honesty. “I used to think I wanted all of it. I mean, like, I fantasized about—playing hard, I guess. But it’s not—I didn’t—I tried it, and it’s not so good, and I don’t know what’s wrong with me that I still think about it.”

It was easy to trust Ferg, easy to talk to him. Ferg had nearly the same strength and warmth Lane sensed in Derek. And yet, how did you explain what he did to Brin?

“Nothing’s wrong with you. Maybe you played a little too hard too soon.”

I didn’t play. It wasn’t a game.

“You and Brin don’t play,” Lane said.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s not a game. You spank him for real.”

“I do. It’s a relationship that works for both of us.”

“Do you like when Brin throws tantrums?”

“Occasionally I find them creative and endearing,” Ferg said. “But for the most part, no. His tantrums are immature, and they piss me off.”

Lane’s stomach clenched again. “And when that happens, you spank him?”

“Actually, no. When that happens, I walk away or put him in the corner until I’m not pissed anymore. Then I spank him.”

Lane furrowed his brow. “What’s the point, then? If you’re not mad anymore?”

“The point is that a spanking is meant to correct his behavior—it’s not an excuse for me to take my anger out on him.”

“It’s just coincidence that your stress ulcer has improved significantly over the last year,” Brin called.

“Why are you listening to my conversation?” Ferg called back.

“Because it’s more interesting than figuring out where to shelve your Gas-Eez Extra strength chewable tablets now in new wild berry flavor. Can I be part of the conversation?”

“Yes,” Lane said. He gave Ferg an apologetic grin. “If that’s okay.”

“Listen to him! He’s such a nauseatingly good subbie boy.” Brin bounded into the room, perched on the chair arm, and slid back into Ferg’s lap. “We decided Fergus’s mood has to fall somewhere between amused exasperation and trifling annoyance on the Scale of Fury in order for him to punish me.”

“And you don’t, um—” Lane glanced at Ferg. “You don’t hit him too hard?”

“Oh, he hits plenty hard,” Brin said.

“But not, like—not—”

Ferg was watching him calmly, waiting for him to finish.

“Not so there’s blood. Right?”

Ferg and Brin exchanged glances.

“Honey,” Brin said. “If Ferg ever spanked me hard enough to produce carnage, I’d run him through with his own chef’s knife.”

“Lane,” Ferg said. Lane looked at him. “I don’t use canes, or whips, or crops, or belts for discipline. Sometimes a paddle. That’s it. Other couples do it differently. Serious bruising or blood—I don’t think that’s discipline.”

“It’s torture,” Brin said.

“No,” Ferg corrected. “That kind of play has its place. Derek’s good with canes and whips. Knows how to use them safely.”

Lane shivered. He didn’t want canes or whips. Ever.

But he wanted to hurt.

“Talk to Derek,” Ferg said again. “Figure out what you both want.”

Now head on over to Lisa Henry's to hear more from Brin, the ever fashionable, paddle-loving brat who simply can't control his bedazzler.

And guess what? Brin is starring in his very own companion story, The Naughty Boy, available for free on the Loose Id website on April 30th. Ferg will be in there too. After all, they're inseperable. They're Frin.


Oh, and The Good Boy is out March 26th!


  1. Now all I can hear is frog noises... pobblebonk alert!

    1. Please stop pretending that's a real thing.

    2. It must be real. It's on the internet.

  2. Can this one release already? WANT.

    1. Hi Virginia! Only a few more hours now. I hope you enjoy this one!

  3. I did the frog thing. It was FUN!! can't wait to meet all your guys :)

    1. It is fun, isn't it! I do it way too often.

      Hope you and the guys get along!