Saturday, April 6, 2013

Welcome to Taco Hub

So I've been sitting on this one for a while. MC Blackman made Lisa Henry and me this glorious poster a few months ago. It's for Taco Hub, the fictional taco joint in The Good Boy, where the cheese is a horrific shade of orange, children run wild, and Brin indulges in something called a dessert burrito--which is fruit pie filling and icing inside a tortilla.

I love it! MC actually designed it before TGB was finished, and Lisa and I stole "New England's original authentic Mex-perience" and Black Sombrero $2 Tuesdays for the book.

This poster is also featured in the MC Blackman Art Gallery, a new addition to the blog. Here you can see the art MC has done for my past books as well. She's crazy talented, and I kind of want to kill her in that good way you want to kill people who are good at things.

In other news, congrats to Michelle, who won a copy of The Good Boy on Kay Berrisford's blog, and to Urb, who won at The Armchair Reader! Thanks for everyone who hung out with us on our blog tour and participated in the giveaways.

And, are you ready for this? Kay Berrisford is gonna be here Monday! With a GIVEAWAY! She'll be talking about her April 9th release Lord of the Forest. And I'll be doing what I do best--asking her semi-irrelevant questions and making her teach me history. She's gonna give us the low down on some WIPs too, so don't miss it!

Finally, what's going on with Under, Lisa's and my new book? 90,000 words in three weeks is what's going on. Love working on this project, even though my hands are now permanently gnarled in the shape of typing. Lisa and I recently decided NaNoWriMo is our bitch. We made it do nasty things for us in the comments of the Under doc. Then we got back to work.

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