Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"The Brat Whisperer" Now Available

Free stuff! My story for the M/M Romance goodreads group's Love Has No Boundaries event is now available on goodreads (if you're a member of M/M Romance), and should also be available to download soon on their lovely new website. Come check out "The Brat Whisperer" if you like DD, hot nerds, odd uses for blenders, and a smattering of angst.

Here was my photo and prompt:

Dear Author,

He’s alone— so alone. How did his life come to this? And who’s going to help him find his way?

Please let this be contemporary with no paranormal elements and an HEA. Other than that, anything goes.



My thanks goes to Becca for a great prompt, and to Lisa Henry, whom I warned I would need an 11th hour beta reader, and who helped me out in spite of my frequent unkind comments about the way she spells "realize."

Be sure to check out all the wonderful--did I mention free?--LHNB stories available now. And there are more to come! I heart summer.

And hey, how about the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage? Not perfect, but better.

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