Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Spanking Wordsearch, a Discipline Daddy, and a Sharkcat on a Roomba

In a few hours, D/s couple Michelle and John will be here to talk about their relationship, which incorporates domestic discipline elements. But first, some housekeeping. There are excerpts up at the Excerpt Depot--short DD scenes we hope you'll enjoy. Links on the sidebar to the left will take you to various DD Week Pages, including the DD Q&A, which explains domestic discipline and some of its related terms.

There are three great giveaways going on now, from Cara Bristol, Fabian Black, and Pauline Allan. Comment on their posts for a chance to win their books! There will be three more giveaways by the end of the week, from Lori Toland, Kay Berrisford, and Lisa Henry.

Also, some people have been kind enough to share with me amusing shark-related photos and videos in honor of Shark Week. Here are a couple of my favs: this video of a cat in a shark costume riding a roomba while a duckling waddles around (was I not JUST saying on this blog how much I want to get a chicken and have it ride a roomba? Clearly a cat in a shark costume is better). This was shared by Lori Toland.

And this photo, shared by Lynn Schmitz:

And finally, if you're bored at work, or in line at the grocery store, or you just really want to do a spanking word search, here's one for you. It comes from Dana Kane's website.

BELT                    BIRCH               CANE               

CROP             DELRIN               FLOGGER             

NETTLE              PADDLE

HAIRBRUSH      HAND                LEXAN            

MARTINET    RULER                 SLIPPER        

SPOON           STRAP             STROP                 

TAWSE              WHIP                    WILLOW


  1. I totally found pie in the word search. My work here is done.

  2. I found meow. We'd be really good at this if it was just 'finding any words.'

  3. Also I forgot to credit you with sharing the cat roomba video! But I just fixed it.

  4. I thought I found cock too. But I see cock everywhere. :D

    And no big on the credit. :) I do have to wonder how the hell they got the cat to get into the shark suit. The dog I get. Dogs love to dress up. But they had to pay the cat.

    1. Lol, I have the cock problem too.

      And yes, that cat is SO CALM about being in the shark suit and on a roomba. It must be making mad money on this. Or it's been drugged.

  5. Oh god, this post has everything I want. Ducks, roombas, cats in shark suits, word searches...and you had me with the Tobias Funke video. Ah. AD, possibly the best show ever in the history of television...

    1. AD definitely the best show in the history of television! And Tobias is too good to be true.