Friday, October 25, 2013

Public Floggings, How I Researched Hula Hoop Sex, and more...

Holy crap, I had a good time last night on Write on the Edge, a blog talk radio show dedicated to LGBT and BDSM writing. It got DIRTY! Mychael Black and Vicktor Alexander asked me all manner of inappropriate things, and I...answered the questions. Totally willingly. Mom, if you ever listen to this, I'm so sorry.

Did we talk about fisting? Yep. Did we talk about whether I do anything "special" when I write sex scenes? Uh huh. Did I let slip about those 5 minutes with Mistress Debbie I swore I'd never tell anyone about? Oops. And what IS Vicktor bringing to GRL in 2014? You can find out here:

And from that link you can search and listen to lots of episodes of WOE with awesomely awesome guest authors. Woo!

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