Thursday, November 14, 2013

Festivities, Prizes, and a Relese Date for Mark Cooper

I first met Vicktor Alexander a few weeks ago when I guested on Write on the Edge, the blog radio show he hosts. I called into the station five minutes before the show started, and barely had time to say hi before we were live and he was asking me about my favorite porn sites. I was nervous when the interview started, but I think Vic is the kind of person who can make you feel at ease whether you've known him for five minutes or five years. Very funny, and very sweet.

This month, he's hosting his 30th birthday exxxtravaganza on his blog, and I was honored to be invited to share my, er, fondest birthday memory as part of the festivities. If you comment on the post (here), you'll be entered to win a choice from my backlist. And check out all the other posts there too, because lots of great authors are offering prizes along with their birthday memories, birthday-themed flash fiction, excerpts, and more.

Also...*drumrolll* looks like Lisa's and my frat boy romance, MARK COOPER VERSUS AMERICA, will be out January 28th. How do you like them apples?


  1. The 28th? How come I had to come to your blog to find this out. Damn, I've really got to stop speed reading my emails. Apparently I'm a terrible speed reader...

    So that is only two days after Australia Day! AND IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Nice one, universe!

    1. It's ok, I had to go back and look at the email again to see if there was a release date on it.

      But hey, great b-day present, right?! And we'll have to do something promotional with Australia Day. Not that I have any idea what Australia Day is...

    2. I will educate you. With lamingtons and alcohol which, off the top of my head, are what this country stands for!

      But really, on January 26 1788 a few ship loads of convicts and a bunch of English officers who'd drawn the short straws pitched up on a beach in Sydney Harbour.