Saturday, January 11, 2014

Anyone Want to Come to BED with Me?

I'm really excited. 

I’m going to be a special guest at Bondage Expo Dallas in April. I will agree to anything if I am referred to as a “special guest.” You could be like, “J.A., we’d like you to be a VERY special guest at this execution,” and I’d be like, “Aww! Of course! Where would you like me to sit?”

“How about you kneel in front of this guillotine here…”

“Omg! Best seat in the house, amiright?!”


Bondage Expo Dallas is a weekend-long kink conference running April 25-27, with a focus on tying people up. Lots of workshops, vendors, and two nights of play parties. And a book signing Saturday, where I’ll be along with some great BDSM authors, including Eden Bradley, Jennifer Kacey, and Tilly Green, and more. You can check out the website here. I don't actually have a profile up yet. This may be because I sent my info in kinda late. But I'll be there!

Now I’m not always the smoothest beer on tap when it comes to socializing, and I’m a little scared I’ll be the weird kid in the corner at the book signing. But if you’re interested in meeting authors and buying books, and/or if you’re interested in bondage, please come! I will happily sign books for you. They don’t even have to be my books. I’ll sign copies of Eden Bradley’s books. Or your copy of Harry Potter, Jay-Z’s Decoded, your T-shirt, or anything else. I’ll also draw you dirty pictures if you want. Someone out there’s got a copy of Calling the Show with a “monkey-sex-glitter-cannon” on it. Just sayin’. (This is probably why I don’t get invited to do things like this very often).

The conference isn’t until April, but I’m telling you now because if you sign up before January 15th, you get the lower registration price! 

Check out this other pricing info:

Oct 7-Jan 15 Regular Registration: $109.00

Jan 16-March 15: Late Registration: $119.00

March 15-April 14: Procrastinator Registration: $129.00

And the discounts/at-the-door stuff:

All Weekend 10% Discount for readers - put in the code erotica

All day Saturday Passes for readers
These will only be available to purchase on Sat at the event. Cost will be $65 and there is not an additional discount.

All access tickets for the whole weekend will be available at the door for $139 and there will be no discount available for anyone.

So I think the bottom line is, register early. And use that code.

But also you can spontaneously show up.

The conference is at the Crowne Plaza Dallas Downtown. 

Come to BED, you guys. You know you want to.