Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Thing: Meet Mark Cooper

Lisa Henry and I are kicking off the J.A. Rock and Lisa Henry Joint Mark Cooper Versus America Happy Birthday Giveaway Multi Hemisphere Blogapalooza (better known as The Thing; see details in previous post) by introducing you to our main couple, Mark Cooper and Deacon Holt. Prescott College's newspaper, The Prescottonian, has Student Snapshots to help us get to know the students of Prescott. So say hello to angry Aussie bunny Mark here, and go over to Lisa's place to meet Deacon!

Student Snapshot

By Simon d’Angelo, Sophomore Staff Reporter

This week’s Student Snapshot is Mark Cooper. Mark is a Freshman. He’s an international student all the way from Bundaberg, Australia. Let’s check in and see if Prescott College is making him feel welcome. G’Day, Mark.

MC: Uh…G’day.

Sd’A: How are you liking America so far?

MC: It’s cold.

Sd’A: Ha! Yes, you’re probably used to sunshine and surfing weather. Anything else?

MC: Bears.

Sd’A: Okay, moving on. Are you taking any classes here that you can’t take back in Australia?

MC: Yeah, American History. You guys did a lot of horrible things to Native Americans.

Sd’A: Any advice for other international students who are trying to adapt to U.S. college life?

MC: Look left first when you cross the street.

Sd’A: All right. How about social activities? Planning to get involved in any sports or clubs?

MC: Apparently I’m rushing. Whatever that means.

Sd’A: You mean a fraternity?

MC: You tell me.

Sd’A: Thank you so much for your time, Mark. It’s been great learning about your experience as an international student!