Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Book, Different Name

I have a new book out now, under a different name. It’s not exactly a romance, though it is a love story, if that makes sense. There’s no steaminess, and no kink, and no tidy HEA. But it does focus on an evolving relationship between two men. If you’re into spec fiction, feel free to check it out!

It's called THE SILVERS, and here’s the blurb:

B, captain of the first crewed mission to the Silver Planet, does not think of the planet’s native race as people. Silvers may look human, but their emotional spectrum is severely limited. B allows his team to capture, study, and even kill the creatures. 

When B bonds with a Silver called Imms, everything changes. B’s not sure if Imms’s feelings are genuine or imitation, but B’s growing friendship with Imms becomes his anchor in a strange world. Following a shipboard fire that kills most of B’s team, B takes Imms back to Earth. He sanitizes the story of the fire—for which Imms bears some responsibility—so that Imms is recast as its hero rather than its cause. 

Life on Earth threatens the fragile connection between the two men. As Imms seeks independence from a bureaucracy that treats him like a test subject, he begins to experience the gamut of emotions—including a love B is frightened to return. And as B and Imms’s story about the fire threatens to unravel, Imms must use all he’s learned about being human to protect B.

THE SILVERS is now available from these places:

-Bold Strokes Books website--you can get it in all ereader formats here, plus you can get it as an part of an ebook bundle of BSB's February titles. And you can read an excerpt.
-And it should be available at B&N, Kobo, and iBooks soon!


  1. Off to buy it now! I can't wait to go on this very silver journey!

  2. May you wind up at a most unexpected destination. (I meant that to sound nice, not sinister).

  3. Just got it, looking forward to reading it! I hope there are funny bits? Nobody does funny like you.

    1. Thank you :) Not so much funny in this one, but I hope you still enjoy it!

  4. I love this one so much!

    And abjectsub, there are kind of funny bits. Like the first word out of Imms' mouth. Which is funny, and at the same time horribly sad. My eyes might have leaked when I read this book.