Monday, March 10, 2014

What's Going On Up in Here?

So I've been a horrible blogger--but good news! It's because I'm writing lots of stories. And when I get done writing each day, I generally want to eat everything in my kitchen, not blog about writing. But here's an update:

Writing Projects

1. Lisa Henry and I are hard at work finishing the third installment of our PLAYING THE FOOL series, which  is about a straight-laced FBI agent who protects (and does some other things with) a terribly unreliable witness to a murder. PtF starts releasing in December.

2. It's only two weeks until WHEN ALL THE WORLD SLEEPS comes out from Riptide! Lisa and I could not be more excited to share this book with you. We had a really excellent time writing it. You can find out more and/or can preorder it at a discounted price in print or ebook format here.

3. I'm plugging away at a novella I hope to have ready sometime this year. Kind of sad, kind of creepy, and kind of fun, it lets me play in one of my all time favorite settings: carnivals! But, like, weird sex carnivals.

4. Over the last couple of years, I've had an on again, off again relationship with a book called THE TAMING, a sort of present-day gladiator type story. A draft has been complete for well over a year. And I hate it. A lot. It is a horrific, ugly, plotless mess of a book. But I also won't stop working on it. Clearly some part of me doesn't want to surrender. But I can't tell anymore whether it's because the characters and the story are worth saving, or just because I want to win. I've tried gently broaching the possibility to myself that "winning," in this case, might mean knowing when to give up. (Which also happens to be a major theme of the book.) We'll see what happens.

5. There's still time to register for Bondage Expo Dallas, which runs April 25-27 and looks like it will be a lot of fun. I'll be in the Authors' Corner with some fellow BDSM writers, and we will strive to make it the coolest corner in the place. Although really, all the corners are going to be cool. You should totally go! To find out more about the expo and look at what authors will be there, click here.

Life Events

1. Lisa Henry stole my chocolate.
2. I finally beat my grandmother at cards.
3. There's a bear loose in my town! MARK COOPER LIVES!!!

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