Monday, April 7, 2014

Another Man's Treasure

Woot! Thanks to everyone who participated in the WHEN ALL THE WORLD SLEEPS BLOG TOUR. We love you. And congrats to the prize winner, Leah!

Now Lisa Henry and I would like to direct your attention over to the Next Thing.

Which is kind of an odd thing. It's an MM non-romance. There are still people with feelings for each other, but be warned that it's more psychologically focused than love focused, and contains violence, kidnapping, and noncon. Lisa and I wanted to be able to go in a bit of a different direction than we typically go in our romances, so we'll be self publishing this one. No release date yet, but, erm, once we figure out this SP thing, we'll set a date!

So if you're still with us after that, here's the cover and blurb:

Ilia Porter is Chechen mob boss Mikhail Kadyrov’s greatest treasure. After leaving home at eighteen to escape his verbally abusive father, beautiful, selfish Ilia has lived with Mikhail, proud of his ability to bring such a powerful man to his knees to worship. But when Ilia’s father, a police captain, kills Mikhail in a raid, Ilia’s world falls apart.
Entering to pick up the pieces is Mikhail’s younger brother, Nick—impulsive, power-hungry, and dangerous. When Nick tells Ilia he’s taking everything that belonged to Mikhail—including Ilia—Ilia is too lost in grief to fight. Nick takes Ilia prisoner in the apartment Ilia once shared with Mikhail and grooms him for a very important mission: to kill Ilia’s father and avenge Mikhail’s death.
Ilia wants no part in the plot, but being Nick’s ally is preferable to being Nick’s victim, so he begins to warp himself into the monster Nick wants him to be. Hope arrives when Nick takes another captive: Patrick, a shy massage therapist who’s stronger than he seems. Patrick and Ilia must join forces to escape Nick—and to keep each other whole as Nick does everything in his power to break them.