Monday, February 23, 2015


So what have I been doing lately that’s kept me from being a responsible blogger? Mostly working on THE SUBS CLUB, a new series for Riptide that starts releasing in December. Also reading MEG 4: HELL’S AQUARIUM. Because sharks.

THE SUBS CLUB is about a group of submissive friends who, after a member of their circle dies in a BDSM scene gone wrong, form a club to publicly expose doms in their community whom they deem unsafe. They’re like the Baby-Sitters Club. Except they like enemas. And vigilante justice. Really the only way they're like the Baby-Sitters Club is that they're a club and the bonds of their friendship can never be broken.

Over the next few months, I’ll post more details about the characters and the four books in the series. But here's a brief overview of the MCs. There's Miles, the socially awkward painslut. Dave, who’s great at role-playing the brat but secretly wants real discipline. Kamen, the overly enthusiastic jock who realizes he’s wayyy into costumes. And Gould, who’s a mystery even to his friends. Plus, lots of side characters. So many that I had to make a chart. It looks like this:

I’m really excited for this series! It’s got all my favorite kinks, from medical to DD to pet play to manties. No glitterkink here, but if you’re interested in the internal politics of a BDSM community and in the silly, sexy, awkward, awesome ways people try to incorporate kink into their lives -- I hope this will be a fun time.

Here are the planned release dates:

Book 1: December 7, 2015
Book 2: February 1, 2016
Book 3: April 4, 2016
Book 4: June 6, 2016

And now I have to get back to work, because…I don’t want to say I’m behind on my deadlines, but… stage whispers I’m behind on my deadlines.


  1. This sounds awesome! I'm behind on deadlines too, but I'm still taking a few minutes to daydream about how great that series is going to be.Yum!

  2. Deadlines are so scary! I hope you'll enjoy the series, and *ahem* where is my next Benched?!?!!?! :)