Sunday, August 23, 2015

THE SUBS CLUB is Available for Pre-order!

So I took 2015 to experiment in some other genres that I like besides kinky romance. I had a blast exploring spec fic with Minotaur and The Grand Ballast, mystery in the Playing the Fool trilogy with Lisa Henry, and coming of age in Take the Long Way Home.

But I’m also really happy to be getting back to kink with The Subs Club series. And I mean back with a vengeance. We're talking domestic discipline, knife play, cross-dressing, rough body play, sex that ruins the kitchen, S/M, M/s, pony play, a fuckton of enemas, body worship, sexual and domestic servitude, all the rimming, impact play, watersports, and more. The four book series is currently available for pre-order at a discounted price from Riptide Publishing. You can read more about each individual book on Riptide's site, but the series blurb goes like this:

After the death of their friend Hal at the hands of an irresponsible dom, submissive friends Dave, Kamen, Miles, and Gould band together to form the Subs Club—an organization seeking to expose dangerous local doms. The club slowly evolves as romances blossom, loyalties are tested, and tensions mount in a community already struggling for unity in the wake of Hal’s death.
From domestic discipline to knife play to fashion paraphilia, and from family drama to new jobs to first loves, the members of the Subs Club explore life’s kinks inside and outside of the bedroom as they attempt to let go of the past and move forward.
My goal for this series was to take an authentic look at sex, kink, and relationships--including the ugly/messy parts--but also tell a larger story about friendship. This is also my X-rated tribute to all the "club" series I loved growing up. Baby-sitters Club, Saddle Club, Pony Club...if it involved a diverse group of kids starting a club and helping one another through the ups and downs of growing up, I read it.

The SC books can be read as standalones, but there are some narrative benefits to reading all four. Stay tuned for more information on the four MCs and their stories, and for reveals of the awesome covers by Kanaxa!

Release Dates:

The Subs Club: December 7, 2015
Pain Slut: February 1, 2016
Manties in a Twist: April 4, 2016
24/7: June 6, 2016 

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