Monday, November 9, 2015

The West Coast Finally Kicked Us Out

Lisa Henry and I are back from our West Coast adventures! We had a great time at GRL in San Diego. Thanks so much to anyone who was there and interacted with us. We loved meeting new people, seeing old friends, and waving rubber tentacles around. And super thanks to that burrito place.

Next we headed up to Portland to see my awesome sister. Ate Voodoo Donuts, rocked out at a Hozier concert, and decided we are going to live in the Pittock Mansion.
I'll give you 40 for it! Like, actually $40, not the
$40 bajillion you're probably asking. 

Then, it was LA time. Not gonna lie, we mostly lazed in our apartment and wrote. But we also went to Universal Studios, walked on Rodeo Drive, and thought about doing other things. Obviously, we hit the clubs every single night and got arrested more times than we could count, but during the day, we were pretty relaxed. And then LA got sick of us and our constant "is it okay to wear sweatpants to this restaurant?" attitude, and kicked us out. 

So now we're back to our regular lives. But my regular life is pretty fun right now. Still hard at work on the Subs Club #4. Book 1 comes out in just a few weeks! Also, I have seen early sketches of the new cover for The Silvers, which will be republished this summer, and let me just say...I'm excited.