Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

Hi all! Popping in for a quick update--on an actual computer. First of all, The Silvers is out today! You can follow the blog tour here and win a $15 Riptide GC!
And 24/7, the final Subs Club book, was out a while ago. Links here!

As for life updates...I'm having a great time out west. The ranch is gorgeous, I like the work, and I've become addicted to eagle-spotting. Golden eagles, specifically. At first I was in awe over the bald eagles out here, and then someone told me golden eagles had a seven-foot wingspan and could take down a fully grown deer. Since then, I've been all about golden eagles. I've only seen one, but it was magical. And a little frightening.

I have a favorite horse, Daisy, who sort of won't give me the time of day unless I have food, but I'm used to that, thanks to the Professor. I've been writing a lot, though whether I'll be able to read my own handwriting when I get home is anyone's guess. I'm loving this summer, but also looking forward to being home in the fall!

Best Wishes,