Wednesday, November 16, 2016

So This Happened.

All kinds of news!

First of all, 24/7 made Kirkus Reviews's list of Best Fiction of 2016. I'm still kind of in shock, very honored to be included, and so happy that a book this kinky gets to be on that list. And I will probably never quite process being on the same list as Emma Donoghue. Ever. So thank you, Kirkus, and congrats to all the authors on that list. Holy shit.

On November 17, I'll be part of a chat with the Shh! group on Goodreads. The topic is Dispelling the Myths about BDSM, and you can chat all day with authors who are involved in the lifestyle. Really excited to be hanging out with this awesome bunch of authors--including Al Daltrey, Annabel Joseph, Red Phoenix, Joey W. Hill, Ariana Paige, C.P. Mandara, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Ann Mayburn, Shay Savage, Lainie Suzanne, and more--and excited to hear from you if you have questions about kink! 

And there will be giveaways galore. I already forget what I'm giving away, but I'm pretty sure it's five copies of By His Rules (the revised and expanded edition), five copies of The Good Boy, and one Subs Club bundle. 

I'll also be going Outside the Margins at Prism Book Alliance on Nov 19 to offer some book recommendations on the theme of "bright spots during dark times."

I hope all of you are taking care of yourselves and are finding bright spots. Stay well.

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