Thursday, August 2, 2018

What's Where Now? The Definitive-ish List of Where All the Books Are

Hi all!

Lisa Henry and I have been experimenting with cycling a few of our books through KU. And now some of the books are coming out of KU, and new ones are going in, and it's just...a confusing time all around. So. Here is the current list of what you can buy where:

In KU:

The Boy series (until August 15th)
The Preacher's Son (until September 9th, 2018)
The Wacky Wednesday series (until August 15th)
Calling the Show (until August 15th)
Fall on Your Knees (until October 23rd)
The Prescott College series (Until September 12th)

Wide (Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, Overdrive):

By His Rules
The Playing the Fool series
When All the World Sleeps
The Silvers
Another Man's Treasure
The Grand Ballast
The Subs Club series

ALSO! Lisa and I were so busy traversing Scandinavia that we did a bad job of announcing this, but BRANDON MILLS VERSUS THE V-CARD (Prescott College #2) is out in audio! Joel Leslie did a fantastic job with this Prescott sequel. We hope you'll enjoy it too!