Friday, December 27, 2019

Sooo...2019, huh?

I realized I haven't blogged in over a year. That's because I'm pretending 2019 didn't happen. Just kidding, 2019 wasn't that bad. I got to narrate lots of awesome audiobooks, and travel to so many fun places. Writing-wise, I worked mostly on the pilot script for WHISKEY SPRINGS with Nancy Ann Healy. (BTW, there's still two weeks left to donate to our Indiegogo if you want to help us crowdfund this L-word-meets-Broadchurch webseries!)

But in 2020, I've got some books coming, including a new installment of the PLAYING THE FOOL series with Lisa Henry, and a new WLW kink series with Tamsen Parker! Stay tuned for more info, and have safe and happy holidays!